Who can come to the annual Shindig? 
If you've been invited before, consider yourself invited again. But please, consider the rules.
No Young Kids (for that matter, any kids younger than 21). While we love kids, we don't necessarily want them hanging around the Shindig. We might trip over them or, even worse, they might just pick up some bad habits and that would be a cryin' shame. Check the page "Where to take the kids."

Who else is invited?
Gerry's neighbors - Everyone is going to park in front of your house and trample through your yard anyway so you might as well join in the fun.
Friends - We are fortunate to have friends from every walk of life--some who are old friends and some who are quite new. We love having an opportunity to see them each year at the shindig.
Business Associates - Sometimes we run across people in jobs that we want to hang out with just a little more. An invitation to the shindig is our way of saying, "This kid's got potential."

Spouses/Girlfriends/Boyfriends - We only want the ones man enough and woman enough to dig a great fall afternoon outdoors with good people.
No Young Kids - We know, We know.  We repeated it - FOR A REASON!  No kids!
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